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Dec 5, 2012 11:00am PST
negotiating things like the fiscal cliff and the role is something to vote on and so getting back to their districts, some of them say to you having a chance to talk with voters at home is valuable. many of them have fairly packed schedules for events at home but then you have to weigh it against the appearance of people leaving the capitol and does that suggest to people at home they aren't really as nose to the grindstone as they might be? it's an eye of the beholder moment and when you talk about a lame duck congress, here we are with many of these members waiting to have their new colleagues come in this january and tackle some of the big problems and looming deadlines. how do they shake it snout over time we have seen that the lake duck sessions are sometimes not very productive. not a lot going on. but we're certainly heavily focused on it in the last couple of weeks because of the huge problems that need to be tackled. one of the big issues is anybody really talking about what to do with the fiscal cliff other than news conferences an the appearances on the floor and the me
Dec 13, 2012 11:00am PST
fixes for a this fiscal cliff problem. they don't want to raise the medicare eligibility age, 60-something republicans, don't want to see big cut us in medicaid or medicare, 60-something percent don't want cuts in medicare and medicaid. the rank and file republicans, the piece you quoted from mip says it, rank and file republicans have kind of reasonable views here. the republicans in washington are just catering to the extremists in their own party. it is interesting that you have congressman chris van hollen yesterday saying he believes part of the maybe the strategy of speaker boehner in stalling out these talks to hold onto his position as speaker. you said he is hugely popular within the ranks. >> i don't know enough about what individual members of the house republican caucus are thinking about him right now but i would say this, it's entirely possible that if he gives obama his increase in marginal tax rates before january 1st sure, a lot of the tea party-type people in his cause cuss might think of him as a sellout. of course, he always has the threat of eric captor tapping him on the shoulder
Dec 12, 2012 11:00am PST
to avert the fiscal cliff. what are the people at home thinking of their actions. we have a pri view for a poll that debuts tonight. part of that is compromising what folks want to see from the lawmakers. >> a lot of americans want to see compromise. according to the poll, 65% want a compromise balanced deal to reduce the deficit. even if they have to reduce the entitlement program like medicare and social security and the republicans on have to support increase in tax rates for the wealthy. of course you were playing a lot of clips from people open to compromise. it does seem to be the broad parameter that want a balanced deal. that's what john boehner and president obama are currently arguing about. par are it's interesting, mark. you and the team noted the confusion, if you want. maybe because of the leadership. the headlines and the ap has the headline fiscal cliffs appear to be stalled and the hill's headline edge towards the deal and deficit reduction negotiations. are both true? >> both are true and you have to look at the totality of the story. today is wednesday and you
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3